5 Best Inflatable Games For Adults and kids


Inflatable games are unique ways to get the party started. Kids often find it amusing and are thrilled to bounce on a castle or Donald duck. Inflatable games are apt for birthday parties and other get-togethers. Not only kids but even adults like inflatable games. Many parents also enjoy jumping and playing with their kids on inflatables like jumping castles, Disney land, Bungee race, etc. This blog will discuss some of the fantastic and exciting inflatable games that will increase the thrill and enjoyment of your party.

Bungee Run Game

Racing is one of the simplest competitions among friends. However, you can take it to the next level by having a competition on the Bungee racing track. This inflatable bungee racing track has two different tracks attached through an elastic bungee cord at the back. The one who will run the most distance on the track will win the race. Although it seems just a track race, it is super fun to jump on the track and cover the distance simultaneously. If you arrange a game like this, it will most likely be your hotspot at the party. Kids love to jump on Bungee tracks and enjoy their time at the party.

Hippo Chow Down

Hungry Hippo Chow Down is a fantastic game that can give you a nice dose of nostalgia. This game is exciting and will make you enjoy it to the fullest. In this game, each one is tied to the perimeter of an inflatable circle with a bungee cord, and they try to run that’s filled with colorful balls. One who gets the most number of balls wins the race.

Electric Bull (Mechanical Bull)

When you think of adult-friendly inflatable games, an electric bull will probably be your first pick. Sometimes this inflatable game is also called a mechanical bull. It doesn’t matter what name you call it, but having a ride on the bull’s back will bring an enormous amount of excitement and fun. The ride becomes fun when you keep track of the high scorers who ride it for maximum time.


Are you good at playing balance and coordination games? If so, then Internative Eliminator Meltdown Inflatable is a real challenge to test your balancing skill. It is an interactive game played by three or more players trying to balance on pedestals while horizontal inflatable poles spin to knock you off your place. You just have to jump and duck to avoid them. The real deal is to see you can stay for long and overcome the eliminator. Kids do have enormous fun when the eliminator is present at the party.

Mountain Climbing

Has it always been your dream to climb mountains and reach the top, but are you too intimidated to try that?.. Well, now it is possible with an inflatable rocky mountain. Playing an inflatable mountain game is one of the ways to indulge yourself in a fun party activity and work on your dream to climb height. The best feature of this inflatable mountain is that It has multiple sides with climbing options. So, multiple users can climb it from different sides at the same time. You can easily compete to find out who will climb to the top in the least time.

I hope you now have the list of the five most unique and exciting inflatable games that will gear up the party mood and will add more fun to your event. For more information about the inflatables, visit our site Bounce House Rentals AZ.


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